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an epiphany:
guys have the power to become attractive solely based on musical taste.
well, musical taste and them buying you drinks.
a quasi-attractive and very drunk irish boy spent the entire night macking it to my friend and i.
both of us were indifferent towards him, though amused by him.
he brought us both vodka and cokes, and alternated his attention on whichever one of us around.
when jess went to the bathroom, the boy introduced me to the bartender as his new girlfriend.
sean (the bartender) said: "gavin, i never knew you had such good taste."
then the band played "high and dry" by radiohead, and we both sang along.
jess stood there briefly, not knowing the song at all.
and i was soon making out with him.
really all because of that damn song.
it's a good one though.

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2004-11-16 5:28 p.m.
you just sit there wishing you could still make love

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